Jungle in a bottle project


This project came from a science experiment book that we checked out at the library – I highly recommend it!  Loads of cool pictures (actual photographs, not just drawings) and step-by-step easy instructions.  Lots of cool projects too, not your standard science book.

The hardest part was finding the activated carbon that we needed for the bottle.

carbon bottle

The rest was simple: dirt, drainage material (we used packing peanuts) rocks, carbon, and a plant.  Oh, and the bottle to put it in – we used an Aquafina liter bottle, as the standard water bottle size was too small.

It’s pretty simple: cut the bottle in half, layer the materials (carbon > rocks > packing material > dirt) and add the plant.  Tuck in enough dirt to make it happy and tape the bottle back together.  Water until moist but not soaking.

If it’s too much water, take the cap off for a morning and let some evaporate.  Your plants will thank you!

If you’re looking for activated carbon for this project, check out your local pet store in the aquarium filter section.  Many large-scale aquariums require activated carbon for their filters.  Good to go!

carbon pic



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