Sight Words Bean Bag Game

rug with stars

We’ve been working on reading, specifically sight words.  The Engineer is fighting reading the phonetic way, so I’m trying a memorization approach.  Because he learns best through games and action, we did a Sight Word Game!

playing game

It’s really simple – all you need are:

  • Letters
  • Beanbags
  • Sight word flashcards

We spread out our star letters (foam shapes with colorful stickers) and each kid picked a flash card.  They had to throw the bean bags to each letter in order.


Any bean bags will do – they just need to be soft enough not to hurt anyone, and heavy enough to stay land without bouncing.

After the Engineer got frustrated with throwing the bean bags, he decided it was my turn.  He picked out the card and told me the word, then spelled out each letter as I threw.  More reading practice, and he didn’t even realize it!

Mommy win!








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