CVC Word Building

3 cvc words

I’m trying my best to convince the Engineer that reading is a good thing.  He’s not enthusiastic about it, but he liked this idea and had a lot of fun.

I found this strategy on Pinterest or somewhere and pulled together some of the components for it.

You’ll need:

  1. A metal lunchbox
  2. Magnetic letters
  3. CVC segmentation cards or sight word cards

First, find a good metal lunch box.  It needs to be large enough to hold the letters and the card.  Ours came from 5 Below, but we saw some good ones at Target, and I’m sure Wal-Mart or other “stuff” stores would carry them too.

5 cvc words

You’ll need CVC segmentation word cards – Teachers Pay Teachers has a ton of these, and the ones we used were free.  Go here to find the ones I used.  I’ll probably break down and buy more, as this was a kid hit.

2 cvc words

I laminated mine – and before I laminated it, I wrote the word on the back of the card.  The Engineer and Princess can self-check and make sure they got the correct word.

cvc words

I pulled letters out of our giant magnetic letter bin for an assortment of cards in each box.  That way the kids didn’t have to dig just trying to find a lowercase i in the box.  Frustrating that!

Even the baby got in on the fun: he didn’t make any words, but he put his letters on the lid and named them.  Fun stuff!

4 cvc words

Word practice, letter practice, and pre-reading in a fun game.  It’s even portable, so I think we’ll take these on long car rides.  I like it!



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