Simple Bird Feeders


The Engineer made this simple bird feeder with his scout troop for Valentine’s Day – so we decided to make another for the birds during this weird winter storm that we were just pummeled with.

You need:

  • An empty, plastic wide-mouth jar with a lid (we used peanut butter jars)
  • A pencil
  • String
  • A drill
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Bird food


Mark a square on the jar, about 2 inches up from the base.  Make it large enough for a bird to easily get their head (or body!) in to reach the food.

Parents!  Box cutters or scissors are your job, as this is super thick plastic.  Cut the square out, carefully.  I ended up making an incision with the cutter, then cutting with the scissors as the kids were hovering and making me nervous.

drill baby drill

Next up: drill the holes for the string and pencil perch.

Mark two spots opposite the jar, and drill a hole with the small drill bit.  Then, between the cut-out and the base, drill a pilot hole for the pencil perch.  Switch drill bits to the size closets to the pencil diameter and drill through.

Stick the pencil in and mark the end point on the plastic .  Drill a pilot hole again, and then the larger hole.  Try to make it a tight fit so the pencil doesn’t wiggle.  Work the pencil in until the far end sticks out at least 1/4th of an inch.

ready to fill

String through the two hanger holes, and tie the string off.  Carefully pour the birdseed in the jar, then put the lid on. Ready to go!finished

Close-up of the finished product.

filled and hung up

Ready to feed some birds!

Note: I doubt this feeder will last all that long, and the pencil will rust after a bit.  Still, the birds like it and the kids think it’s wonderful.


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