3D Shape Fun

1 full set

Want to make your own?  Go here (this link will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the templates.)

The Engineer is having fun.  I’m not sure that I am: after all, I’m the one having to do all the work on this stuff!

It’s ok.  Listening to your 5-year-old say “Icosahedron” is funny enough to make all the time worthwhile.

Of course…he’s not content with this batch.  He’s raring to go – let’s make the stellated icosahedron!  Ahhhh!  Noooo!

I guess I’m still working on 3D shapes nets (sigh.)

I asked him which he preferred: the large versions, or the small versions.  He enthusiastically replied “both!”

1 small versions

I think I prefer the small versions, but the intricate ones are a bit difficult for his hands to fold.  He had no trouble with the cube or tetrahedron, and was super proud of himself for putting it together!

The intricate shapes were the most satisfying.  They were also the most time intensive and complicated.  Double-stick tape is essential to this, and I ran out towards the end of the rhombicuboctahedron.

1 complicated

Of course, the Destroyer already crushed a rectangle in his sweaty little toddler grasp.  I think my next project is to make a set of components and laminate them, then tape them together with box tape hinges for a 3D puzzle.  Magnet or velcro to finish it off?  Still deciding.


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