Juggling Too Many Projects

It’s spring.  That time of the year when nature invades our house and yard.  Most of it’s pretty cool – after all, having a duck nest next to your front steps is just amazingly educational.

But this…. this is not cool.


This is part of my kitchen counter.  Now it’s a micro-worm farm, a salamander nursery, a ladybug prison, and science experiment.


Please excuse the food in the background – I have to have some space for the fruit to go.

School is overflowing on my counters.  I’m actually supposed to have loads of free space for food prep and cooking – it’s a big kitchen.  Instead, I have buckets of pond water.

Oh well.  It’s temporary.  I already wrote about raising salamanders.  They’re fat and happy – and they needed more food.  So, microworms.  It’s the weirdest thing – you open the contain and the top of the food shimmers.  Moves.  Wiggles!

We expanded the tanks to some buckets outside on the patio as well because the salamanders grew.  They needed more space, and these tiny critter keepers just weren’t enough.

I mentioned ladybugs, didn’t I?


Yeah, these guys are the #1 time sink for me right now.  They want aphids.  LOTS of aphids.  I already picked our roses clean, and the subdivision batch at the front was cleaned out overnight by a pair of lacewings and a very fat ladybug larva.

There’s a case of fruit flies coming in the mail.  The things I do for homeschooling!

And last, but not least – our science experiment.  The one that didn’t quite go as planned.  It’s sitting on my windowsill hogging space because apparently I didn’t realize how much volume you get when you add sugar and water.

I’ll run a full post on this one when it’s done so that you can all giggle at our expense and not make our mistakes!


Pinterest fail!

Did I mention the butterflies laid eggs on our fennel again?  We’re officially a small zoo.  Good grief!

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