Carnivorous Plant Lesson Plan


Whew!  I finally got enough of this finished to finally post it.  I’ll add more as we find things, but it’s fairly well-rounded for now.

The Engineer has been fascinated with carnivorous plants.  He wanted to learn more and more about them, and the resources we could find were very limited.  So, as I always end up doing: I made our own.

finished folder

This time we did a lapbook, and I created information sheets, worksheets, and coloring pages to go with it.

I posted all of it on Teachers Pay Teachers, and you can find the complete kit here.  The lapbook is posted by itself here, and the information sheets and worksheets are also separately posted here for those who don’t want to do a lapbook.  (These links will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.)

We had a good time picking favorite plants, writing about them (I scribed) and coloring in the map key.  Fun stuff!

finished book

The information pages are really designed as a stand-alone resource because I couldn’t find a kid-friendly printable with detailed information.

Of course, those aren’t the only things we did.  We went on two field trips: to the National Botanical Gardens (he was hugely disappointed at the lack of carnivorous plants available) and to a carnivorous plant nursery located in Maryland.

This nursery allows visitors by appointment only, and they also sell plants online.  It’s difficult to find some of these plants in a regular nursery, so the Engineer was in plant heaven.

And we watched videos.  Boy did we watch videos!  I’m going to list them here for your viewing pleasure – they’re all kid friendly, no issues.

  • A great page with pictures, information, and a video about venus fly traps here
  • A BBC video about Bladderworts, and how they work here
  • A BBC video about sundews here
  • Another BBC video about sundews, with some amazing close-up footage here
  • A PBS video about carnivorous plants of Texas here
  • A BBC video about pitcher plants, focusing on Borneo plants here
  • A view through a microscope as a bladderwort catches prey here
  • Sundews in action (curling over their prey) here
  • A color version of bladderwort in action here
  • A set of BBC videos about sundews here
  • How cobra lilies lure and trap insects here
  • A time-lapse of carnivorous plants here
  • A Smithsonian video about pitcher plants here
  • A video about how the bladderwort valve works here
  • A cute animated short here


We did find a few good (free) resources:

  • Free coloring pages – nice ones! – here
  • North American carnivorous plant information sheets here (note that they left out two types of traps: lobster pot, and pigeon.)
  • Various resources about definitions and evolution here
  • Specific resource about trap mechanisms from the last link here
  • A free workbook here

He asked for a venus fly trap birthday cake!  So of course, I wrote about that too 😉



The header image is one of our new terrarium.  All plants that came from the plant nursery.  I have to admit, it’s pretty cool.



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