CVC/CCVC Word Practice

finished cards

It’s almost a new school year around here!  We school year-round, but most new stuff happens in the fall, especially with the classes I’m teaching now.  So before we start things back up, we’re doing some review.

The Engineer is doing better with reading, but practice practice practice is key!  Plus the Princess is a brand new Kindergartener this year and needs to start doing more school stuff.

Enter: CVC/CVCC/CCVC practice with letter tiles

What you need:

  • Build-it word cards.  I found a free set of CVC cards here, and CVCC/CCVC cards here and Teachers Pay Teachers has a ton of different CVC cards as well.
  • Letter tiles: Scrabble tiles or Banana grams are perfect!
  • A tray or something to contain those letter tiles
  • A laminator if desired (and scissors, laminating sheets, etc.)


My kids hate handwriting.  Because of that, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to keep them learning while not stressing over the writing portion of things.  We do hands-on, online learning, and lots of scribing or dictating.  I consider the focus of the subject and ask myself if I want them to learn the subject or practice handwriting.

Sometimes it’s both.  Sometimes it’s one or the other.  It just depends.

cvcc cards

Yes, he spelled it wrong.  He said it correctly so I missed it because I was wrangling the 3-year-old and helping my kindergartener.

She did amazingly well!  I’m so proud of my stealth reader. She refuses to admit that she can read because she doesn’t want her struggling brother to feel bad about it.  That’s ok, I’ll keep pushing her and challenging her without admitting that I know she can read.


cvc cards

Even the Destroyer got into the mix with his own set of letter cards.  At 3, I’m not expecting him to do much, but he picked out the letters and did a row of C’s and O’s for the starting sounds on his cards.  He was using the Pears in Pairs set of letters because they’re bigger and easier for his hands to hold.

You could also use these laminated cards with dry erase markers – just wipe off and re-use for later.




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