CVC/CCVC Word Practice

finished cards

It’s almost a new school year around here!  We school year-round, but most new stuff happens in the fall, especially with the classes I’m teaching now.  So before we start things back up, we’re doing some review.

The Engineer is doing better with reading, but practice practice practice is key!  Plus the Princess is a brand new Kindergartener this year and needs to start doing more school stuff.

Enter: CVC/CVCC/CCVC practice with letter tiles

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The Paper Sphere Problem


We’re currently learning 3-D shapes – and by that, I mean the basic ones like cubes, and the crazy ones like Octahedron, and Rhombicuboctahedron (say  it, I dare you!)  Apparently the more intricate the name, the more interesting the shape to my crazy little Engineer.

I ended up doing this sphere as part of the project: read more on why below.

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