3D Shape Fun

1 full set

Want to make your own?  Go here (this link will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store for the templates.)

The Engineer is having fun.  I’m not sure that I am: after all, I’m the one having to do all the work on this stuff!

It’s ok.  Listening to your 5-year-old say “Icosahedron” is funny enough to make all the time worthwhile.

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The Paper Sphere Problem


We’re currently learning 3-D shapes – and by that, I mean the basic ones like cubes, and the crazy ones like Octahedron, and Rhombicuboctahedron (say  it, I dare you!)  Apparently the more intricate the name, the more interesting the shape to my crazy little Engineer.

I ended up doing this sphere as part of the project: read more on why below.

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