Easter Egg Hunt With A Twist

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Around here, Easter is like Christmas – it’s a month-long deal (or more!) of egg hunts.  And sneaky homeschooling momma that I am, I came up with a great educational idea for this.

I’ve seen sharpie math problems written on easter eggs, and that won’t work for us.  Too smelly, and it wears off.  So I came up with a set of egg games – matching the uppercase and lowercase letters, and solving basic math problems.  That way all kiddos have some educational stuff to do in our house.  Want the game?  It’s here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Here’s how it works:

Parent spends an hour sorting eggs out to find matching sides that actually fit.  Then parent spends more time inserting egg hunt games.  Then, while small children are chomping at the bit, hides the eggs in a designated area.  Small children rampage for eggs, and 3 minutes later, the hunt is over.


In our egg hunts, we don’t get the disappointed-it’s-over bit because the kids race to the table to see what’s in their eggs.  They pull out all the game pieces and start matching.  Sometimes someone has the matching game half the other person needs, and the negotiating begins.  Fun times.


Lots and lots of eggs!


Even the Engineer enjoys matching the letters, despite already knowing them.  It’s a fun challenge!  During the last egg hunt s disappeared, and we all turned out to try to find it.  Never did.

Somewhere in my house, a lonely, forlorn little s is floating around trying to match up with S.  I printed another – now all is well.   🙂



One thought on “Easter Egg Hunt With A Twist

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I love that the fun doesn’t end after the hunt and the kids get to play with the letters finding matches!


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